1. Dear customers if due to any reason service misses out from our side (except natural or unnatural barriers like, rain, flood, storm, transport strike, riots, national holidays, etc)  then the amount will be adjusted in the bill. 
  2. Service will be provided to registered vehicles ONLY.
  3. We will maintain the beauty of your car by providing you exterior cleaning and interior cleaning.
  4. Please make sure that no belongings or valuables are left in the car before handing over  keys to the cleaning executive.
  5. Company is not responsible for any missing belongings or valuables from the car.
  6. Cleaning executive will be available at your registered location and time.
  7. Service will be provided to the customer before the committed time but in some cases it could be delayed due to any technical fault / natural barriers.
  8. We ONLY practice postpaid services.
  9. Billing cycle (Bills are generated on 2nd of every month).
  10. Make sure that the bill is paid before 10th of every month else late fees will be charged.

11.Mode of Payment:

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